Friday, January 15, 2016

Hong Kong Airport

Hong Kong Airport
First Signs Of Culture Shock
I got off the plane in Hong Kong tired after the 15 hour journey from JFK. I did a little stretch and then had to focus. I had one task to complete. I had to get to gate 47 to transfer to my flight heading to Despensar. I had about 5 hours to do this. Sounds easy right? Wrong. I found myself wondering this massive airport only to find find myself alone by the tram that went to my gate. It was clearly labeled, "out of service." After about 30 minutes sitting there alone and looking dumb an airport worker came and smiled at me. She began taking down the "out of service signs". I sighed of relief. But oh wait? Just as she ripped off the last "out of service" sign, she went in reverse and put all of the "out of service" signs back on. She said nothing to me and left. I couldn't help but laugh. Luckily, after about an hour, more people began to gather and the tram started up again. 

I arrived at my gate with three hours to spare. I thought it would be a good idea to find somewhere to eat. I walked to the food court and was overwhelmed. I didn't recognize any of the foods. Should I go for the weird looking beef jerkey? The "jskdldkfogbs" soup dish? The "kfleldodsomfg" and rice? Even the English translations looked like gibberish to me. I could have caved and got pizza but I thought I might as well eat something authentic to Hong Kong. Culture shock hit me in the face, as did my noodles that I embarrassingly tried eating with chop sticks did. Reality set in as those noodles that I boldy ordered had a freakish looking mushroom in it that looked like the brain of some exotic animal. Dam, I forgot how much was about to change in my life. 

After splashing noodles everywhere I gave up and used my change to by some sort of Hong Kong snack that resembled Cheetos. It would have to do. I sat eating my Cheetos and watched the sunrise and the fog release the beauty of the mountains it was hiding. 

Maybe things would be difficult this semester. There will

be things I won't understand, foods that frighten me and many moments of feeling lost. But as long as I remember that behind all the confusion and fog is true beauty...I will be alright.


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