Sunday, January 17, 2016

Day One

Day One in Bali

I woke up early, 6:00 am, to the sound of birds singing, chickens chirping and the sun piercing through my window.  I was excited to explore this island that I would call home for the next 6 months. A local Balisnse guy took on me on a tour of Bali, free of cost at 9:00 am. He picked me up at the Eco Garden and showed me around some of the famous places. I saw the white sands of Nusa Dua, The chaos of Kuta, the relaxing beaches of Seminyak, and the surfing life of Caggu. It was unbelievable!

Morning Darwin

Ready To Tour

Beaches Near Nusa Dua

Surfers Town, "Caggu"

Balinese Dinner 

My day exploring Bali was great, and my Balinese dinner from across the road to my home made it even better. As my Jetlag kicked in, I decided to call it a night. With my selfie stick in hand, to protect me from bugs, I fell asleep. It was a great official end to my first day in Bali.

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