Sunday, January 17, 2016

Day Two: #FeelTheBurn

Day Two: "Feel the Bern," well actually... the "Burn"

                 Again, I woke up early to the "beautiful" sounds of nature; I think this was going to become a daily routine. 6:15 came around and I rolled out of bed, slightly annoyed by the early rising roosters. I took a shower. Theres no hot water on at Tara Green Eco Garden, but that was okay because the shower has no roof so that I can feel the warmth of the rising sun. I got changed and ready for the day ahead of me. Breakfast doesn't open across the road until 10:00, So till then I practiced my harmonica outside, "The Answer Is Blowing in the Wind." At 10:00 am I had another Delicious meal which I shared with Darwin, Unwillingly.

             After breakfast Made dropped me off at the calm and peaceful Geger Beach. I sat in the water relaxing and enjoying the second day of my "study" abroad.  After basking in the sun for a short while, I decided to enjoy a nice avocado from the beach side cafe. While sitting, I noticed another foreigner chatting with the Cafe owners. They were trying to guess where he was from. Malaysia? India? No he was from Sri Lanka. I got excited and turned around. "Do you speak Tamil?" I asked him. "Yes, as a matter a fact, I do." We Immediately became friends and spoke in Tamil for a bit. (For anyone reading this who doesn't know, Tamil was the language I learned when living in Chennai for a year in High School) 
             Me and Haresh sat in the water all day and even sang, "Why this Koleveri", one of my favorite Tamil-English Songs. As the day progressed I began to noticed a painful and unfamiliar sensation. It was the start of a terrible sunburn. I wore so much sunblock. How could this have happened?  The pain progressed to the point that I just wanted to go back to the Eco Garden and sort it out. 
            I got back to the Eco Garden and showed Made my burn. Luckily the Eco Garden had the perfect solution. Made taught me how to cut the Aloe Vera plant from the ground, clean it and use it to sooth my burn! It was fantastic! For once I got to witness the earth naturally provide a solution to my problem.  No chemicals, no plastic bottles, no overpriced store, just the gift of nature providing me with exactly what I needed. 

Just An FYI: "How To Use an Aloe Vera Plant for Sunburn"

1- Break off leaf from outside; don't pick off the leaves closest to the center
2-Cut the leaf horizontally 
3- let it "bleed." An Orange goo, known as the "blood" of the plant, will ooze out.
4- Rise it off and make sure all the blood is gone
5- This is optional but freezing it makes it feel so good to apply
6- Apply it just like you would use a bar of soap on your body to the affected area

Although I was supposed to go out this night and meet up with a few couch surfers, I was too burnt to go anywhere so I called it in early and said goodnight to my second night of Bali. 


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